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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review

It’s been three years since the first Samsung Galaxy Fold stumbled onto the market. And while the foldable device was exciting, it was also deeply flawed. Samsung quickly found its feet with the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2 , which introduced a larger screen on the outside and a bigger folding screen on the inside. And of course, its reengineered hinge that literally swept out debris. To keep that complex mechanism working smoothly, last year, the Samsung Galaxy Z Folded 3 further enhanced that hinge, updated the materials and adopted the Samsung S 21s phone system.(Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 offers mostly subtle but absolutely crucial refinements to the design, folding and cover, screens, cameras and yes, that iconic hinge. The result is a Galaxy device that is looking more and more like every other flagship phone. Samsung unveiled its latest foldables on August 10 during its unpacked event announcing both the Samsung Galaxy Z folded 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Z flipfall along with the Galaxy Watch 5 . Watch 5 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

We were lucky enough to get an early hands on with all of these devices. So here’s everything you need to know about the Galaxy Z fold 4 and some of our early impressions.(Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review)

First up, brace yourself and let’s chat about the price. The Fold Four comes in three configurations, starting at one $800 and maxing out at $2,160. It certainly isn’t cheap, but folding phones never are. If you are desperate to get into the foldable future though, look for deals on the last generation of foldable phones.

The Fold 3 was a really great phone and if you can bag yourself a bargain, it may well be worth hunting around for.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review

Designwise the changes between the Zfold 3 and the Zfold 4 are minimal. You probably wouldn’t even be able to tell them apart from a distance. However, there are three new colors for this next generation, including grey, phantom black and beige. But surely nobody wants a beige phone, right?

You actually going to spend one $800 on a beige phone? Come on now. The Fall Four boasts a larger coverscreen, thinner body and less prominent hinge than its predecessor. And all of that combines to make the Samsung Galaxy Z 4 feel more and more like a regular smartphone. In hand, there’s a fingerprint sensor along the one edge, although we didn’t get to try that out because Samsung didn’t want us adding passcodes to the sample devices.(Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review)

Like its predecessor, the phone has an IPX Eight rating, which means that it can handle a 30 minutes dip in 1.5 meters of water. Its dimensions are virtually exactly the same as those on the last vault, with just tiny bits shaved off here and there. All of which adds up to a device that is now just shy of a gram lighter.

On the one side of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a gorgeous 6.2 inch super AMOLED edge to edge adaptive refresh rate display with the bezels of the previous device trimmed away to give you a two seven millimeter wider view. That tiny bit of extra space makes the cover screen more usable and gives the phone a more traditional look. Obviously the star of the Display show, though, is the 7.6 inch adaptive refresh rate display that greets you when you unfold the fold four. As on the fold three. This screen is unblemished even with the selfie camera hidden under the display, and it only appears with a little Led flourish when you actually enable the selfie mode camera.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review

Samsung says the display panel has been updated with stronger ultra thin bendable glass. And yes, you can feel and see the crease, but the display is inviting and useful. There was no opportunity to install apps or try video and games when we were using it, but we did browse the web and even use the spin on it. It’s lovely, responsive and feels like a full blown and quite thin tablet.

If you know the Samsung Galaxy S 22 camera array, then you know the fold 4’s. It’s the same sensor with a 50 megapixel wide, twelve megapixel ultra wide and ten megapixel three times optical zoom compared to the last fold. Samsung claims that this one can produce 23% brighter pictures thanks to the larger sensor. In our brief handson session, it appeared that all of the cameras did a decent job in what were fairly controlled conditions.(Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review)

At 4400 mah, the battery size is unchanged from the Galaxy fold 3 , so you can expect a full day of varied activity. The phone supports fast wireless charging. Samsung promises 50% in just 30 minutes. You can also use it via wireless PowerShare to charge other compatible devices. Inside the fold 4 is Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8+ gen OneCPU backed up by 12GB of Ram, which means that you can expect peppy performance across a wide range of tasks.

This is especially important because with that big screen, you’ll be doing things on the fold 4 that you wouldn’t necessarily attempt on a smaller device.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review

One of the fold 4’s marquee features is its ability to multitask. There’s also a new app-Dock which sits at the bottom of the screen and allows you to easily select drag and drop apps into the multitasking interface. Reports have stated that the 8+ gen one is outperforming the Snapdragon 8 gen One with 30% more power efficiency. This could mean good things for the battery life, but we’ll need to do more testing before we can confirm that a folding screen promises versatility. And the Samsung Galaxy Z folded four appears to be ready to deliver that in spades.

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The Z fold 4 is no longer a flexible oddity. It’s a powerful Android smartphone that now looks almost like a typical flagship when folded, and that opens up into a useful, fun and potentially very productive tablet. The cameras aren’t the best that Samsung has to offer, but they will be totally fine for most users. The performance potential multitasking, and watching movies on that 7.6 inch display is what really has us excited. And yes, you can feel and see the crease, but you’ll forget about all of that moment after using its stunning display.

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Starting at one $800, this is one of the most expensive smartphones on the market. But if you’ve had enough of the boring gray rectangles that all smartphones have become, then you might want to keep an eye on the Galaxy Fold 4 .

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