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INFINITY by Harman Fuze 99 4.5 W Bluetooth Speaker


Carry your party with you wherever you go with this Infinity Fuze Bluetooth speaker. With its 9…

3 reviews for INFINITY by Harman Fuze 99 4.5 W Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Anonymous

    Awesome I love this product with a very reasonable price. This would be very much good to compare with Sony srs-01. Thank you Flipkart for giving a wonderful product. and also thank you Harman (jbl) to bulit a awesome product

  2. Anonymous

    ⚠️⚠️ Be Informed\n\nSound: Very good, ideal for casual listening and music on the go. I use it with my laptop as it augments sounds from it. It has good bass & comes with dual eq: one named normal and the other deep bass. The later increases the bass by a factor more than two. Vocals are clear and has good higher frequency response. You would not be disappointed with it.\n\nBuild: Build quality is very good and don’t have worry for it. \n\nForm factor: very portable, suits it’s intended purpose.\n\nInputs: micro usb charging port and 3.5 mm aux with Bluetooth. After powering on the device if it detects an input in the aux port it automatically switches to it. \n\nExtra features: \n1. Assistant feature: It can however summon the Google assistant by double pressing the play button but the experience not good and seamless and I ended up not using it.\n2. Call features: it can work as a handsfree speaker during calls with it’s built in mic. Call quality is normal but you have to keep it very near you otherwise the sound faints at the other end. \n3. Bluetooth stereo: it can pair with another of its kind to act as a stereo. I intend to buy another to test it out.\n\nBattery: It’s the weak point of the speaker. If operated in normal mode you would not be disappointed with decent battery life. I use it for casual listening so I am not disappointed, but if used in the deep bass mode it drains the battery fast. So that’s a point to keep in mind. It can however be used while charging so keeping it plugged in while remaining in this mode should suffice. \n\nProduct registration: I as a user try to register newly bought products in its official support website and so I tried to do the same but to my surprise this product isn’t listed. In fact no infinity product is, that pegs the question why so ? If it’s a product of Harmon as they say why don’t they list the product for warranty claim in case of any unfortunate circumstances. Quite surprisingly it has another variant: Fuze 100 which is available to buy directly from the manufacturer still this product is not listed and the other variant Fuze 99, seems to available only at Flipkart which may indicate that it’s a partnered product, made available at its platform. If it doesn’t malfunction within its warranty period then all these aren’t any issue otherwise you are probably out of luck.\n\nBottom line: I got it at a price where there isn’t lot to complain. I hope it lasts long with proper use. Thank for your time.

  3. Anonymous


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