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Mi 4A PRO 80 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart Android TV


There is no fun in watching your favourite movie or show on a TV where the display quality is poor. Now, boost the fun and watch them all in good and clear-quality on this 80 cm (32) Mi smart TV….

3 reviews for Mi 4A PRO 80 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart Android TV

  1. Anonymous

    I m posting review after checking all it’s functionalities and settings in 40inch version. Below are the summary points :\n* Display : looks decent. 4k and full HD content looks satisfying. casted content dispaly quality is below par (also depends on the content you are casting).\nbezels are thin and are made of plastic which is loosely attached to the display panel. viewing angles are good covers around 150°\n* Connectivity: impressive , connects to WiFi, Bluetooth , Chromecast smoothly. observed some glitches with Chromecast when the screen just froze on the tv while the content was changing on my mobile.\n* Patchwall : provides good interface and helps choose from good variety of content available.\n* Sound : is impressive and feels quite smooth even at higher volumes due to dts hd technology, though dolby sound could have made it better. \nNetflix, hotstar , Amazon prime etc : it plays smoothly and provides immersive experience.\n* Installation: installation was prompt, I received tv on Thursday and installation was done by Sat. installation guy was knowledgeable but tried to sell stabilizer at a higher price to me, I declined the offer to which the person said the tv can get faulty if you don’t use stabilizer, I could not find any such condition in the product detail so I denied using it.\n\nTo sum it up it is above average TV at this price loaded with the benefits of Android with decent picture quality. \n*Area of improvent would be in contrast ratio and color reproduction.\nif you liked the review do hit the like button. \nThanks.\nEdit 1 : Thanks for 1k upvotes. Adding some more points after completing 1 month usage:\n* Netflix ultra HD content gives you really good viewing experience. \n* Remote is very handy, but difficult to type something when you want to search anything on tv since it does not have alphabet and number buttons. but you can make use of Google assistant here by directly speaking your requirement in the remote and it works buttery smooth.

  2. Anonymous

    This is a detailed review after 7 days. Please read this if you have problem or concern regarding sound/picture/brightness/sd channels/wifi connectivity/miracast. \nPICTURE: the picture quality is really amazing. Blacks are really deep. Contrast is pretty good too. No complaints there.\n \n BRIGHTNESS: tv is pretty bright, by default dynamic light is on and it will make your screen dull, just turn it off. I’ve set it to 25. No screen galre problem.\n\nSOUND: tv speakers doesn’t have much bass, ideal For a small room. For larger rooms or halls, hometheatre is recommended. Also by default sound output is extremely low, you have to manually adjust equalizer. And still the sound would be low for streaming apps, for set-top box sound is good and loud too.\n\nSD CHANNEL: the SD channels looks amazing, the upscaling of this tv is mind-blowing. No complaints there, but you have to use Hdmi cable, normal av-cable quality looks poor. Also don’t connect older set top box hdmi 1,coz its hdmi(arc), you will encounter sound issues. \n\nWIFI: I had a lot of problem wile using wifi, but a very simple solution was to turnoff data saver. Then wifi worked like a charm. This is bad if you plan to use your mobile hotspot. \nThe wifi range is pretty good too. My router and tv are 40ft. Apart and it still works without buffering. Also, there are about 3 walls between router and tv. \n\nMIRACAST: it’s gonna hang if you’ll use mobile hotspot to cast to tv. I used one plus 6t hotspot and it lagged. If you have a router installed, then use that network, I didn’t feel any problem using home network. Although there was minor lag which is acceptable. \n\nHope these solutions help. \n\nNow some openions:\n\nI played 4k60fps video from pendrive and it played without any problem. No lag or buffer was noticed. \n\nI used jio cinema and jio tv app without any problem, but jio tv is not recommended, as the streamed quality of sd channels is extremely poor. \n\nThe bluetooth remote has a pretty good range too, I’ve used it as far as 30fts.\n\nIt takes around 1 min. For this tv To boot up. It’s just annoying to wait this long.\n\nYou have to manually press switch on button on remote too every time you turn on tv from switch. That’s just annoying.\n\nBy default, youtube playes 720p videos, you have to manually set to 1080p every time. That’s just annoying.\n\nThat’s it for now. I’ll edit it if I find new findings. Hope this helps.

  3. Anonymous

    Best TV range…….. money on valuation the great picture quality and sound quality more..📲🎶📺🎶🎧this is range in the best choice mi buying tv. also was nice Go For it….

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