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Mi 4X 108 cm (43 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV


There is no fun in watching your favourite movie or show on a TV where the display quality is poor. Now, don’t ruin the fun and watch them all in good and clear quality on this 108 cm (43) Mi…

3 reviews for Mi 4X 108 cm (43 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV

  1. Anonymous

    The best LED TV you can get at cheaper price\nClearity and connecticity is excellent

  2. Anonymous

    PROs\n1) great picture quality for this price.\n2) it supports almost all formats.\n3) sound is good.\n4) borders are thin, design is simply elegant. even logo is not irritating eyes.\n5) User Interface is simpler because of android.\n6) Patchwall 2.0 is quite useful after some use.\n7) connectivity to internet and phone is simple and reliable.\n8) Powercable is long enough and of good quality.\n9) Voice operations are more accurate than before.\n10) More Settings and many Modes for pictures are given.\n98% value for money.. 😎 just buy it and experience yourself.\n\nCONs:\n1) I could give 5 stars if all slots like usb, hdmi etc given near to the edge.. they all are given in center. so if you are wall mounting it, its difficult and unsafe to reach there. (you can use usb extender)\n2) When you are using internet, like YouTube or anything else and if your connection is disconnected in middle of usage, TV will hang. sometimes it is only option to Poweroff it.\n3) It is very big and thin in size. it is good, but if you have children then it is unsafe to keep it on table mount.\n4) Remote Doesn’t come with rechargable inbuilt battery like One plus remote, it requires AAA batteries.\n5) Remote is lightweight, but not feels like premium and for rough usage.\n6) though it is advisable to use wall mount for this tv, cleaning in backside is headache after some time.\n7) if you are using set top box, and your speakers are connected to set top box, than the sound and pictures on tv compared to sound of speaker may be lagging.\n8) starting time is little long.\n\nThese all CONs can be ignored because of its low price and good quality, but company can fix it easily.

  3. Anonymous

    After 20+ days of usage.. 4.5/5\nPicture quality_- good enough for daily use like TV series, news, serials n all..\nSound.. Soo Loud\nConnectivity_-didn’t face any problem with WiFi connectivity \nChromecast.. don’t know why people are not able to connect it properly mine works perfectly fine.. \nbit of a problem in remote cause of Bluetooth connectivity but after few try it’ll work fine.. \nYouTube also works fine didn’t face any problem like picture and sound delay.. I even watch 4k on YouTube it play smoothly..\nPendrive connectivity is also good I even watched End Game in 4k quality is by far best

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