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Nokia Tab T20 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 10.36 inch with Wi-Fi Only Tablet (Blue)


Buy Nokia Tab T20 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 10.36 inch with Wi-Fi Only Tablet (Blue) for Rs.19499 Online, Also get Nokia Tab T20 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 10.36 inch with Wi-Fi Only Tablet (Blue) Specifications &…

3 reviews for Nokia Tab T20 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 10.36 inch with Wi-Fi Only Tablet (Blue)

  1. Anonymous

    First time you are looking good Tab from the famous Nokia. \nThe build quality is good battery package awesome.(8200mah)\n 2K display also fine smooth touch experience stock Android experience\nSpeaker output also very nice but only thing camera front super back not satisfied usually you cannot expect camera quality in tabs totally it’s good\nTotally I am satisfied I recommend everybody who love tablet\nThe wallpaper and the app arrangement is my own creation not default.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s rear camer is good but it’s front camera is not good as rear camera\nWhy I chosed it why I did not choose realme pad \nIt’s base varient 3gb 32gb rom not value for money but 4/64 is value for money only wifi model ( according to my view ) \n\nI purchased 4/64 wifi only \nI chosed it because I am person who like stock android no garbage ( but Netflix app only found pre-installed) in nokia tablet \nAnd it give me 2 year os upgrade and 3 years security update \nMoreover I want a big battery \nPerformance is good \nI purchased it for study \nFinally it’s best feature is that it is giving stock android feeling \nSpeaker are good \nLet’s see I will edit my review after a month\nIt give a option of format sd card as internal storage I used this feature and I expanded its internal memory now my internal storage is 128 gb\n\nAfter one month I found\n\nIt’s wifi auto connect work sometime \nIt take long time to charge but if you charge your device in night then no problem \nProcessor is decent \nPerformance is decent \nFace unlock work good \nIf I will found any problem in this tab I will write it\n\nIf you are buying to watch Netflix and other ott platform in full hd so please do not buy it because it’s only support 480p in ott platform\n\nSomeone is saying it is not connecting to 5 GHz wifi \nI did not face this problem. It easily connect to 5 GHz wifi.

  3. Anonymous

    Product is good but points to be note\n\nSad point😏\nU can’t make call or sms\n(then what means of wifi+4g)🥺\nNo calling or sms app\nOr No dolby atmos support or u can’t feel good sound while use earphones\nCamera is ok not good.\nCharging speed is slow\n\n\nPoint to be good😋\nStock experience with ui no Blot ware\nBattery backup is good\nDisplay is bright or sharp\nOverall good product or smooth experience..\nLet’s use and see.

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