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realme 8 (Cyber Silver, 128 GB)


The realme 8 features a Super AMOLED Display so that you can enjoy vivid and eye-catching visuals that will enhance your viewing experience while streaming content, gaming, and so on. The…

3 reviews for realme 8 (Cyber Silver, 128 GB)

  1. Anonymous

    Decent product at this price segment,\nbrave investment as a long term especially in terms of durability and reflective design ,storage ( but if you don’t want durability ) ,\n then you can go for redmi note 10 pro, which is far better option but still realme phones are far better than other handsets in durability

  2. Anonymous

    Detailed Review of Realme 8 ( used for 15 days )\n\n1. Excellent display , Amoled display is really good for watching movies n for daily usage.. – 10/10\n2. Battery backup – from 6 am(100%) in the morning till 5 pm in the evening , i did 3 online classes ( 1 hour each ) listened to some music , saw youtube , took 5 pics, did lot of calls and when i came back home at 5 i have 70% battery remaining.-9/10\n3.finger print sensor – 88% of the time it was accurate n working , sometimes when ur hand is full of dust,oil,water it may not work properly..but 88% of the time it works so smooth..it takes 1 second to scan .but its worth it .the animation everything feels like u r holding a premium device -7/10\n4.camera \n 1. 64 mp main sensor mode – clear and colourful images , really it shoots awesome pictures , its so clear n crispy , it adds colour to the pics ( boosting )-8/10\n 2.Ultrawide – its good , it takes beautiful images , but when you zoom in the clarity will go , its just a 8 mp sensor…but it clearly captures everything on frame -7/10\n 3.other 2 cameras – useless , the depth sensor is okay\n 4.portrait mode – it captures beautiful portrait pictures 75% of the time it captures perfect portrait keeping all d edges clear. The front camera also captures awsome portraits.- 7/10\n 5.The pictures are colour boosted , we feel like the pictures r taken from iphone … Its realy colourful n clear on the photo mode n 64 MP\n5.charging time – it takes 1 hr 10 minutes to charge , really good fast charging , doesnt heat heavily during charging – 9/10\n 6.front camera – to be frank , it wasnt good enough , its due to some software issues i think , the pictures taken on portrait mode were very good compared to normal photos , but it captures GOOD pictures .\n 7. VIDEO – THE PLACE WHERE THIS PHONE LOST ITS POWER. STABILIZATION , THE PHONE SUPPORTS EIS , ULTRA STEADY MODE , ULTRA STUDY MAX MODE , BUT IT DOESNT WORK WELL , THE NORMAL VIDEO MODE WORKS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE UIS , UIS MAX MODE . THE NORMAL MODE CAPTURES STABLE VIDEO BUT NOT THAT STABLE , THIS CAN BE SOLVED BY SOME SOFTWARE UPDATES FOR THE CAMERA . THIS IS REALLY A BIG PROBLEM AND THE COMPANY SHOULD DO SOMETHING VERY QUICKLY -6/10\n6.heating issues – this device doesnt heat up much … Nice optimization -8/10\n7.UI – realme ui 2.0 is really good .no ads…its very fluid , easy to use..better than mi ui and samsung ui \n8.built quality – 8/10\n9. Design – nyc design , the front looks like oneplus device , and back due to big cameras looks attractive \n-8/10\n10. PROCESSOR/ PERFORMANCE- VERY WELL OPTIMIZED , NO HEATING ISSUES , GAMING CHIP ACTUALLY , I PLAYED PUBG N ASPHALT , IT WAS GOOD , BUT IN HIGH GTAPHICS U CAN SEE FRAME DROPS , BUT FIR NORMAL GAMING ITS A BIG YES \n11. storage – u get 128 gb of storage , (109 unused ) .

  3. Anonymous

    Nice mobile , awesome on screen finger print. Nice features nice look. New guesture features , new screenshot features.

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