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SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7+ 6 GB RAM 128 GB ROM 12.4 inch with Wi-Fi Only Tablet (Mystic Bronze)


Create designs, take notes, play games, or watch shows, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is the perfect portable device to help you work, play, or explore your imagination whenever and wherever you…

3 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7+ 6 GB RAM 128 GB ROM 12.4 inch with Wi-Fi Only Tablet (Mystic Bronze)

  1. Anonymous

    Straight out this is a really amazing product. I had done almost a month of research before narrowing down on this piece of hardware. I have a unique use case but i think most of what i do is what is done by most out there. I wanted to save on my expenses for a laptop and a phone. Specifically wanted to have a move around phone plus laptop. There are some options out there but nothing with the sheer power of this 865 plus chipset with that many cores. \n\nI log into remote servers, edit and update documents, attend tons of zoom and GOTOmeetings and web exes. And i also consume media. Not so much gaming or into photo graphs at the moment. But maintaining 2 separate devices for these use cases along with the usual android mobile banking and ecommerce applications, is a real pain. The phone is not sufficiently powered if i need a huge battery and if it does have a heavy battery and very good specs, it costs a bomb and Icant do office stuff on it. \n\nBOOM! Enter Tab s7 plus. A tablet with 4g and 865 plus processor. snap a keyboard cover on with a 45 watt power brick and u have a mobile workstation that doesnt cost like the HP dragonfly and at the same time can put the macbooks or asus laptops in the proce brackets to the shame. I dont have a gaming requirement so the adreno is just fine for any graphic requirement. I cant expect a similar performance from a chromebook at the pricepoint. I believe i have just landed the perfect marriage between performance, pricepoint, utility for a laptop and a phone. \n\nBefore I thank you there are 4 CONS. \n1. The price should have given me a 8GB variant.I am sorely pi$$ed\n2. the rear camera and the mics can definitely be upped a coiple of notches. \n3. There needs to be a 3.5 mm jack for all my legacy devices. \n4. I need to defiinitely get a hdmi connector jack from a USB C like the one u shipped with the S10 e. \n\nOtherwise, you nailed it samsung.

  2. Anonymous

    Must buy\nGreat device with beast performance and ultra smooth writing experience with super cool S pen.\n it’s always better to write on this except papers.\nI have been completely fallen in love with it. \nAnd yeah i haven’t found any cons for this particular device but this one has a decent camera don’t expect too much for camera results\nPros.\n(Display) there’s no comparison. \nIt has Quad HD resolution with 120Hz screen refresh rate.\n(Processor) it has latest and greatest processor Snapdragon 865+ on 3.09 ghz clock speed with based on 7 nm architecture

  3. Anonymous

    I was using this tab for past 1 week, my experience is literally great.\nFirst of all the display, it was so good bcoz of the 120hz refresh rate, Ram I think samsung show provide 8gb variant in India, Sounds are really awesome…quad speakers, Camera is ok, For regular use battery stands for 6-8hrs, stand-by is good. S pen is awesome with low latency, over all truly it is a multi tasking monster can’t compare with ipad pro but still It can compete with apple through some 3rd party applications

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