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SAMSUNG HW-T42E/XL Dolby Digital 150 W Bluetooth Soundbar


With the Samsung HW-T42E/XL 150 W Bluetooth Soundbar, fill your living room or bedroom with immersive sound of your favorite music and audio. This 2.1 ch soundbar features a 16.5-cm (6.5)…

3 reviews for SAMSUNG HW-T42E/XL Dolby Digital 150 W Bluetooth Soundbar

  1. Anonymous

    Decent Soundbar with Amazing Sound \nBought the Samsung Soundbar and I must say that I am very happy & impressed with it. \nIt’s a great product with reasonable pricing making it a smart choice for anyone who wants a complete experience of movies and games etc. \nThe plus points are :\n1) Its got Bluetooth connectivity, pairs with both TV & Mobile which is nice and easy to do. \n2) The Sound is really nice, loud & clear. Even on low volume the bass is really good and clear. \n3) An exceptional feature which is of great use is its Remote can be used for both the Soundbar & the TV, no requirement of 2 different remotes. \n4) I also like that its sleek and very stylish in looks, adding to the whole look of my living room where my TV & Soundbar is placed.\nIn all a really great buy with good features, compatibility, looks & convenience of use & that too in reasonable price. \nDefinitely Go for it đź‘Ť

  2. Anonymous

    Best ever Sound Bar Used\n\nRecently while trying to pair my TV with an Audio Product for enhanced sound experience, one of my friend suggested me Samsung Soundbar. \nAt first, I didn’t listen to him however, in my recent visit to his home, I got the first-hand experience on this Amazing Audio product. I didn’t even bother to look for comparison and placed the order immediately.\nHere are few things that took me by Surprise:\n \n1) Samsung is World’s No. 1 Brand in Soundbar.\n2) Samsung’s Soundbars come with wireless connectivity. No hassle in connecting it to TV/ my phone for that matter.\n3) Now, as the wires are gone, so is the mess that these wires create in my room.\n4) Coming to the Powerful Sound and Punchy Bass that literally blew my mind off.\n5) The Sound is Crystal Clear and very much audible in lower Volume levels\n6) The Remote feature is another star in the product. With one remote you can control both TV and soundbar.\n7) And the soundbar really understands what you are watching and amplifies the sound as per the content being played.\n\n\nIt is a must buy product. I indefinitely recommend it.

  3. Anonymous

    Having recently bought a TV, the sound left a lot to be desired, often having to turn up to almost full and STILL needing subtitles at times.\n\nSo finally, I decided to buy a Soundbar.\n\nOnce I came to know that Samsung is the Global No. 1 Brand, it was not a hard choice thereafter.\n\nAfter buying the Soundbar I rarely have to turn up the volume above 30%.\n\n \n\nHere are some things I liked about this Soundbar.\n\n1. Output is really loud and it has a punchy bass.\n\n2. Vocal clarity is good, even on low volume.\n\n3. It detects what you’re watching and optimizes the sound, gives you a great home entertainment experience. Since I also play games on my TV, the Game Mode really makes game playing fun with all the sound effects.\n\n4. IN terms of connectivity, it has Bluetooth and connects to TV/Phone with no hassle at all.\n\n5. The design is compact, fits well below the TV with the wall-mount kit it came with.\n\n6. You can control the TV & Soundbar with a single remote, in case you have a Samsung TV.\n\nIn short a very good product if you are on a budget.

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