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Vu Cinema TV Action Series 138 cm (55 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV with Sound by JBL


This Vu TV is here to ensure that you stay thoroughly entertained and completely immersed as soon as you turn on the TV, thanks to its innovative features. The Pixelium Glass technology helps…

3 reviews for Vu Cinema TV Action Series 138 cm (55 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV with Sound by JBL

  1. Anonymous

    Good Product.\nThe TV is very good for the price range, i have used oneplus QLED Q1 and would like to compare with it.\n\n1) Picture Quality: \nQuality is excellent for an non -qled TV, the black levels are not so deep compared to Oneplus TV.. but other colours look vibrant and and natural. Screen is bright enough, 4K HDRs look stunning, 1080p is also looks great, it plays 4k HDR and 2160p at 60 FPS is YouTube. SD channels understandably looks dull, Dolby vision is supported and looks even great, but as black levels are bit low dark scenes look washed out a bit, but still it looks great if watching from a distance, u need to fine tune a bit in the picture settings to get some desired colours, one annyoing thing with this TV is in most picture settings motion enhancement is kept On. so if u are watching movies means u will feel soap opera effect and everything moves smooth that u will not enjoy movie, so while watching movies make sure u turn smooth motion to OFF.\nOverall i rate it 5 out of 5 as it is nonqled tv\nEdited on 2-2-21\n\n2) Sound Quality\nIf u think 100 watts is enough and sounds great, get ready to get disappointed, I don’t know if its problem with my Tv or System is like that, the sound doesn’t sound good, my onelpus at 50w sounded excellent, but this TV dont know if its problem with my TV, but its sounds below average, no clarity and audio settings are also so much confusing with so many On and Offs, may be need to fine tune that, and also i feel some sounds are missing it sound like it is not playing all vocals, feeling something is missing, will check and comeback later and give sound feedback.\nTill then Overall Rating is 3 out of 5\nEdit: it’s a problem with software got desirable result after fine tuning and changing settings\n\n3) TV Menu and Remote\nTV is typical android TV Menu and u can download all popular apps and games, \nRemote is fine but its plastic and looks of cheap quality, but its ok as it as all basic buttons and shortcut keys to many popular apps, and also shortcut to input selection.\none thing is whenever power on TV it goes to Android Menu, it doesn’t go to HDMI, i haven’t found any setting which makes HDMI as default screen, can be bother some for old people.\nNot giving overall Rating as it depends on individual preferences\n\n4) Screen Mirroring\nscreen mirroring is absolutely great and everything works, i mirrored YouTube videos and games from pocox3 to TV and it plays almost lag free, games also look great even if its casted from mobile,\nRating 4.5 out of 5\n\n5) Connectivity\nHas all major connectivity at side and if u are wall mounting consider putting USB extender cable and one extra HDMI cable and leave the cable, so u can connect HDMI devices and External HDD easily whenever needed.\nIt connects to my Pocox3 hotspot and connection is very stable and plays videos at 1080p without buffering, \n\none more thing many say its rebranded of Hisense Tornando TV, i cant comment on that as I don’t have that TV, Physical photo wise and specification wise both looks similar in every aspect.\n\nWill add few more feedback later after using for more days.\n\nAt present i am giving it 5 out of 5.\ni will probably wait for one update so that sound issue can be resolved, really u wont believe is it a sound of 100 wats speaker,

  2. Anonymous

    Its a really good TV with Amazing picture clarity, Standby mode to switch on tv faster if on standby and decent sound quality.\n\nSound is too loud and very good as well but its not the best since i am used to of hearing through Bose, Bose speakers are much much better in quality, but then in price too.\n\nIt should have been priced 5k less, but never the less, there isn’t any 65 inch TV in this range with these features and quality, so had to opt it and i am very much satisfied with it.\n\nThis TV is hisense procured with maybe some optimization done from VUs end. I could make this out that this is hisense procured since the name of motherboard is also hisense when i checked with CPU app. They dint even bother to change it… :P.\n\n3 Years warranty is great to have.\n\nWhile purchasing if you still do not have any other TV with lesser price with these features, then go for it, you won’t regret it.

  3. Anonymous

    Best tv in this price segment. With this feature s, you will get this tv on half the price of samsung, lg or sony. Excellent picture. Clear sound. And 3 years warranty. Delivery was on time. Installation guy was very humble and good. Free installation. Gave his number, if any issue comes. Thanks flipcart. Thanks VU. Cinema tv is best.

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